1 Definitions and Purpose

1.1 The name of the club shall be Trafford MV Sports Club, and is hereinafter referred to as the Club.
1.2 The Club shall exist as a non-profit making sporting body for the purpose of providing opportunities for all persons to participate in sporting and social events irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, creed or ethnicity.
1.3 The Club will encourage the development of sportsmanship, teamwork and friendship alongside the development of sporting ability and encouraging the recreational and environmental use of the Mersey Valley.
1.4 The Club shall not distribute profits and shall apply all of its income to the furtherance of the objectives above.
1.5 The work of the Club shall not be for the benefit of landfill site operators who may contribute to the Club and claim credit under the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. Nor shall it be for the benefit of contributing third parties, as defined in the landfill tax regulations.
1.6 Trafford MV Sports Club Committee. Hereafter shall be known as the “Committee" (paragraph 3.0)

2 Annual General Meeting

2.1 The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in November in the clubhouse.
2.2 At least twenty eight days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all Members by posting a notice in the clubhouse on the Club notice board.
2.3 At the Annual General Meeting, all Officers and Members of the Committee for the previous year shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election.
2.4 At the Annual General Meeting, the President (an honorary post) and the Honorary Auditors shall be elected. In addition, the Club will elect the Committee as detailed in paragraph 3.1.
2.5 The President shall not act on the Committee. Any nomination for the position of President, for persons who have not held this position previously, shall not be accepted unless such nominations, duly proposed and seconded from within the Membership of the Club, have been in the hands of the Club Secretary seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
2.6 The Club Secretary shall post a notice on the Club notice board not less than twenty-eight days before the Annual General Meeting inviting nominations for the offices detailed in paragraph 3.1.
2.7 Nominations for the offices of the Club, duly proposed and seconded from within the Membership of the Club, shall be made on the notice detailed in para 2.6.

3 Committee

3.1 The Committee shall consist of:


o Secretary




Bar/House Director


Ground and Facilities Director


Development Director


Membership Director


Representative members of Clubs and Societies affiliated to Trafford MV Sports Club

All nominees shall signify their willingness to serve if elected.

3.2 No Club member shall nominate or second more than one Member for each office. The Secretary shall draw attention to this clause when issuing the notice of the Annual General Meeting.
3.3 Should any elected officer of the Club stand down before completion of his term of office then the Committee shall be empowered to appoint a replacement from within the Club Membership to serve until the next Annual General Meeting. The Committee may not appoint more than three officers in this way in any one year.
3.4 Should more than three officers stand down before completing their term of office an extraordinary General Meeting must be called by the incumbent Committee to elect a new club committee.
3.5 All elections to the Committee shall be by ballot.
3.6 The newly elected Committee shall meet within twenty-one days of the Annual General Meeting (or Extraordinary General Meeting if paragraph 3.4 above applies)
3.7 The Membership Director shall be responsible for collecting all subscriptions from Members and from associate bodies.
3.8 The Committee shall meet at least ten times during its year of office.
3.9 If any Member of the Committee shall be absent for three consecutive meetings of the Committee, the Club Secretary shall require a written explanation for such absence. If the explanation is considered unsatisfactory by the Committee, the member shall be called upon to resign.
3.10 The quorum for all management meetings shall be FIVE and each member shall exercise one vote with the chairman exercising any deciding split vote.

4 Membership
4.1 All applications for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two current members.
4.2 The Club shall consist of the President, Freemen and Members of the following grades:

Playing, Junior Playing, Non-paying, Life, Social
4.3 Applications for admission to membership of the Club:
Shall be made on the prescribed form obtainable from the Membership Secretary or other Committee Member. All applicants must be proposed and seconded from with the Club membership, and the names and addresses of such applicants, be displayed on the Clubs notice board.
Made via admission to membership to one of the Clubs in-house sporting sections
Social membership shall be conferred upon those members of a society, club or other group which is a recognised affiliate body of the Club
4.4 The Committee shall be empowered to accept all new members.
4.5 Each Member, on payment of the annual subscription (if appropriate) shall be given a Membership Card as proof of membership for that year. A copy of this Constitution will be provided on request.
4.6 The annual subscriptions shall be determined by the Committee, and ratified at a General Meeting.
4.7 The President of the Club shall not be liable for a subscription.
4.8 All playing members shall be liable for a playing subscription. The Committee shall be empowered to review the amount payable as and when necessary.
4.9 A Member shall not be eligible for membership in the current year until he has discharged his debts for the previous year.
4.10 A Member who has not paid his annual subscription by the date detailed below shall not be eligible for membership of the Club nor shall he be permitted to utilise the facilities of the Club in any way:

Playing members summer sports and social sections - 1st July
Playing members winter sports - 1st December

5 Associate Membership
5.1 The Committee may decide to elect a group, society, club or other such body as Associate Members of the Club, provided that
5.2 The decision is ratified at a General Meeting of the Club by a two thirds majority.
5.3 The activities of the proposed associate body are of a legal nature and not detrimental to the existing membership.
5.4 The proposed associate body abides by the constitution of the Club.
5.5 The proposed associate body is legally constituted and provides the Club with

§ A copy of its constitution

§ A membership list

§ The agreed per capita associate membership fee
5.6 The Committee shall require any associate body, whose association is approved as detailed above, to provide a written undertaking assuring the good conduct of its membership duly signed by two officers of the associate body.
5.7 The Committee may require the payment of a deposit by the associate body which will be returnable upon termination of their associate membership net of any outstanding account, damages or costs incurred by the Club as result of the actions of the associate body or its membership.
5.8 Any associate body whose admission to the Club is approved as detailed in paragraph 5.1 above will be required to sign an agreement with the Club.
5.9 Associate Members shall have no voting rights in the affairs of the Club.

6 Management and Trustees
6.1 The land, buildings and other fixed assets and the investments and funds (excluding such monies as are presently required to meet current expenditure) shall be held in the name of the Trustees to be appointed by the Committee and to continue in office at the pleasure of the Committee or until resignation.
6.2 The Trustees shall deal with the assets in their possession as the Committee may direct, and the Club shall hold the Trustees harmless from all consequences of their acts or omissions except such that may arise from their gross negligence.
6.3 The Trustees shall at all times act in the best interests of the Club and in furtherance of the Club’s stated constitutional aims and objectives.
6.4 No fixed assets shall be modified, sold or otherwise disposed of, without the unanimous consent of the Trustees.
6.5 Trustees shall have been playing members of the Club for a minimum of ten years.
6.6 A minimum of four and maximum of seven Trustees shall serve at any one time.
6.7 The Club indemnifies the Trustees against all losses, costs or charges incurred by them in the performance of their duties.
6.8 The Committee shall be entitled to borrow such monies as are deemed prudent for the development of the club and its facilities. Any such borrowings must be approved in writing by a majority of the Trustees.

7 Laws
7.1 The Club Secretary shall be responsible for all records of management meetings, documents and papers of the Club are in proper order.
7.2 The Membership Director shall maintain a list of Club Members and Associate Members.
7.3 The Finance Director shall maintain audited accounts and keep full records that shall identify all income and expenditure
7.4 The Committee shall make bye-laws for conducting the affairs of the Club providing that these are endorsed at a Committee meeting by two thirds of those present.
7.5 No Member of the Committee may incur expenditure on behalf of the Club to a value exceeding £50 without the express permission of the Committee or the Treasurer and Chairman or the Treasurer and Secretary.
7.6 No Member of the Club shall incur any expenditure on behalf of the Club without the express permission of a Committee member.
7.7 No expenditure incurred by a Member on behalf of the Club will be reimbursed unless evidence of such expenditure is supported by a bona fide receipt.
7.8 Neither the Committee nor any Member of the Committee shall incur any financial liability on behalf of the Club between the date of the Committees last routine meeting and the Annual General Meeting unless such expenditure is approved by two thirds of the members present at a Special Committee Meeting to approve the expenditure.
7.9 The Club bar shall open and close at such times as the Committee shall determine and in accordance with Licensing Laws.
7.10 Intoxicating liquor may be supplied during the licensing hours decided by the Committee to Members of the Club and non-members at the Clubhouse where functions are authorised and recorded by the Committee or their authorised representative provided that:

· Such a function is a function of the Club

· Such a function is promoted by and is the responsibility of a Member of the Club

· Such other function not provided for in 1 and 2 hereof limited to twelve such functions per annum

· Any such function not provided for in paragraphs 1 2 3 hereof shall be for the purpose of raising monies for funds of the Club and to discharge the liabilities of the Club.

8 Miscellaneous
8.1 The Committee may appoint a Club Manager to manage the bar and such other commercial and sundry activities as it shall deem appropriate.
8.2 The Club Manager shall be deemed a representative of the Committee and empowered to represent them in respect of paragraph 7.6.
8.3 The Constitution shall not be changed unless such changes shall be approved by two thirds of the Members present at a General meeting of the Club.
8.4 The full text of such proposed changes are to be available from the Club Secretary and to be shown on the Club notice board at least twenty-eight days prior to the Annual General Meeting or at least ten day prior to an Extraordinary General Meeting.
8.5 At a General Meeting all Club Members (with voting rights) shall have equal voting rights. Decisions will be given based upon a bare vote with the exception of changes to the Constitution which shall require a two thirds majority as detailed in paragraph 8.3
8.6 The quorum for a General Meeting shall be twenty five members.
8.7 The Club Secretary shall ensure that a copy of the Club Constitution is on permanent display on the Club notice board.
8.8 The Committee shall determine any question that may arise in the interpretation of this Constitution or any matter not provided for by this Constitution.

9 Extraordinary General Meeting
9.1 On the requisition of the President or Chairman or Committee or twenty Members, the Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club. At least ten days notice of such a meeting shall be given in writing to all Members. Such notice to be sent by post to their contact address as held on the Clubs Membership database.

10 Visitors and Guests
10.1 Members of opposing or visiting clubs societies shall, on the day they play against or make a formally pre-arranged visit to any club or other body whose home venue is Trafford MV Sports Club, be entitled to free use of the clubhouse and facilities and shall be deemed to be temporary Members of the Club.
10.2 A visitors book will be maintained for the signing in of guests accompanying Members other than as detailed in paragraphs 7.6 and 10.1
10.3 Persons other than members shall be admitted as bona fide guests, but no Member shall sign in more than three guests on any one occasion.
10.4 No guest shall be signed in on more than six occasions in any year.

11 Freemen
11.1 The election of Freemen is the Clubs acknowledgement to Members who have given their service in the interest of the Club over a long period. Candidates need not have been playing Members to qualify. Election to this grade of membership shall have no relation to any financial assistance which may have been rendered or offered.
11.2 The Club shall be empowered to elect one Freeman for every year of its existence but it shall not be required to elect the full complement of Freemen.
11.3 Membership of the Club shall have exceeded six years.
11.4 Nominations, proposed and seconded from within the Club membership, shall be made to any Committee Member but candidates must be recommended for election by the unanimous vote of the Committee. Final election must be ratified at the next General Meeting of the Club.
11.5 The Club Secretary, before ratification, shall read out to Members the rules governing selection of Freemen and point out the intention of the Club in forming this grade of membership.
11.6 Elected Freemen shall be absolved from all future subscriptions. They shall be elected for life and election can only be revoked if, in the opinion of the Club, they shall have proved to have acted in such a manner that the retention of their names in the records of the Club would not be in the interest of the Club.