To ensure the highest level of discipline throughout Trafford MV RFC at all levels which will maintain TMVRFC as an excellent club to play rugby for and against.

TMVRFC takes discipline very seriously and will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour on or off the field.


The committee will internally manage discipline issues efficiently, effectively and fairly. This committee will act as the Lancashire RFU do following disciplinary guidelines of the RFU.

The committee consists of players, club officials, youth representative and parents. Three from the four members will discuss all incidents; members with a conflict of interest will sit out.

The disciplinary and appeals committee consists of club chairman, club secretary, chair of disciplinary committee, junior section child protection officer and at least two ordinary members from the players, coaches, or supporters.

Disciplinary panel currently Andrew Hope (Disc Chair), Rugby Chairman, Rugby Secretary, Rugby 1st XV captain, 2nd XV captain and 3rd XV captain

Internal appeals panel TMVFCC chairman, TMVRFCC secretary, TMVRFCC Membership sec


Team captains or managers must report all red cards, yellow cards and disciplinary incidents to the disciplinary officer and Rugby club secretary before end of the day after the incident. Rugby Club secretary to inform Lancashire RFU of all sending offs.

Three members of the disciplinary committee to meet and discuss immediate action. Two week ban automatically implemented, however, exceptions may be made prior to report.

Referee’s report arrives and is circulated to disciplinary committee and player.

Face-to-face meeting held between player and disciplinary committee.

Disciplinary committee informs player/captain of action (if any) decided by committee following RFU guidelines. These are enforced and submitted to Lancashire RFU disciplinary committee. Lancashire RFU will then decide if punishment is appropriate or request appearance by player.

Player has option to appeal the decision of TMVRFC by allowing Lancashire RFU disciplinary to hear report.

The player has choice of whether to attend the Lancashire RFU disciplinary hearing. There is an administration charge from Lancashire RFU incurred in this process.

There is an appeals process via Twickenham which incurs further cost.

These fees will not be paid by the club.

All suspensions, counted in weeks, will be immediate from date of meeting unless stated otherwise.